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Quantum You Volumes #1 & #2 eCourse
Self-Help, Self-Empowering e-Course
By Dr. Lynn Sereda

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Learn To Play The Great Computer Game On Earth
Awakening Your Very Own Self - To Your Max

‘The Law of Attraction’ Plus, Plus, Plus ‘9’, Count them ‘9’ other - ‘Secret related Protocols’ - By Dr. Lynn & son David Sereda – Legal note every idea contained in these pages has been both copyrighted & trademarked plus ccd to our legal team!

Copyright: Quantum You LLC / is the exclusive copyright holder of this material inclusively of all website content and design contained herein. Every idea contained in these pages has been both copyright & trademark Protected plus ccd to our legal team at Hopkins & Clary's. Reproduction in any form or by any means including right-click-copy is strictly forbidden. may not be reproduced or adapted in whole or in part for commercial or industrial purposes with the consent of the author.

We hold these innermost inalienable human truths, the right to ‘Life’, ‘Liberty’ & the pursuit of ‘Happiness’ - to be self-evident. With all due respect to every human being ever born here – on this our home planet - spaceship earth!

Which is why we (at are completely dedicated toward helping positively every ‘one’ living here, including ourselves. To develop their own unique abilities to manifest as much ‘Life’, & ‘Liberty’ in relation to the ‘Pursuit of Their Very Own Much Deserved – Happiness’ – as they possibly can! In the most inwardly profound sense that the deepest meaning of these words - can ever imply! Based on precisely how more and more of us have been observing our potentially positively brilliant - next generation total fulfillment oriented – ‘Whole Being Quantum Level Found’ - ‘Internal Processors’ – ‘Within’. Have it appears actually been designed / evolved - to help us all fully realize exactly these ‘3’, most fundamental, above referenced innermost human longings. Insofar as we will just take the responsibility required to clear ourselves of all those interfering viruses, which keep clouding or veiling our way toward our much clearer - way more unlimited, actual whole being enabled potentials.

Certainly in this respect modern scientific inquiry is in increasing numbers helping us to ever more know. The more we keep encouraging our own pure awareness principle to enter into the clearest levels of pure to infinity and beyond energy - found to exist at the very underlying Quantum Most - Core - of all existence itself. The more we are discovering just how it is that to the extent we agree to mobilize these immutable fully awake to ‘Life’ alive, as well as constantly great life inventive true ‘Liberty’ found - realities within us. Yes we-can actually experience ourselves as being fully enabled to co-create – the positively great humongous beyond our wildest dreams, ‘Real Happiness’ filled lives we not only keep longing for – but actually have been blessed to deserve.

For example, we already know that to the extent we develop patterns of emotional avoiding and denying. Or other than wise keep ourselves resisting our possibility to enter totally into the feeling & emotional or vital energetic side of our nature. We in this way tend to keep losing more and more of our most vital real radiant alive possible - inner ‘life’ force. Which in it’s turn amounts to the very energy we require - to much more fully power up our positively one-der-ful - ‘quantum level’ solution enabled – more whole being processors within.

What’s more to the extent we go around merely ‘rationally logically thinking’ we already know everything about what ‘life’ is all about. By way of letting ourselves become overly know it all ‘thought identified’ with every given so called ‘objective thing’ we ever abstract out of the unified field. This is exactly how we tend to lose our ability to find that very sense of big mind awakened, positively huge whole life fulfillment oriented - inventive ‘liberty’. Most likely to help us actually utilize, the most effective solution generative potential, of our giant way more brilliant, supra ration / logical human nature. In other words it is precisely this tendency to over identify with and attach to our prior formed ideas and beliefs, which tend to keep us being totally mired down in the very opposite of that sense of ‘total creative freedom’. The very quality we most require to best help ourselves keep on effectively inventing - the positively great uniquely individual us - lives. We each of us in our own ways, in terms of our unique interests and talents – keep finding ourselves ever longing for!

Which ultimately means, to the extent we in any of these lesser than clear feeling & emotional, or mere linear sequential rational / logical limiting ways of being – of and by themselves. Keep going around ‘separating and dividing ourselves out’ from what amounts to ‘the larger singular most - quantum whole’. Including from our most integral possibility to actually be completely awareness unified, no longer left-brain divided from right brain, much rather wholly integral beings. In the huge sense that more and more of us are now coming to realize that our hearts may very well be the very most intelligent core processing center - of our quantum level computers within. We thereby as a consequence of these various levels of separation anxiety, tend to shut down in contraction or against our capacity to tune into the most fundamental underlying love hum harmonic nature - of the quantum field itself. Precisely the very core essence of who we in our most complete sense of wholly no longer divided – and therefore much more total love of life attuned – now within at-one-men inspired royal like beinnesses - really have the capacity to be! And which we indeed have most graciously actually been designed / evolved to have – from a place well beyond being motivated by all kinds of one-up-man ship, better than or lesser than, me, me, me alone - at a cost toward whomever - be dammed.

See the point, it is quite simply impossible for any of us to manifest a completely whole - totally fulfilled sense of self. In the hugest possible sense of being fully enabled to keep on manifesting:
1.) An optimal energy alive, actually humming with vital ‘life force’ – ‘body’;
2.) A positively extra-ordinarily vast, potentially ‘fully unlimited liberated’, always positively great life solution oriented ‘mind’;
3.) All in the direction of helping ourselves to awaken, our ‘most radiant possible’, completely truly happy, shinning well beyond ordinary ‘spirit’! Without our being willing to make an agreement, to totally re-open ourselves, into a fully luminous state of being. Wherein yes we-can finally find ourselves, living within a state whole being loving, - positively everything about – just what the very process of learning to co-creatively live out exactly whomever we most find wanting to be here - is all about.

In other words without our being will to keep clearing our way completely through - All those old inner held self sabotaging x self limiting:
Ø Feeling & emotional resistive & thus vital energy losing viruses - which keep throwing us into far too much disabling - emotional turmoil
Ø Narrow band linear sequential only so called rational logical viruses – which keep preventing us from being far more open minded enabled – to create the very solutions we long for
Ø Constantly hating and resenting, far too many things about the living of our lives viruses, including all those others toward whom we keep plotting all manner of revengeful resentment. The result of which is that we thereby tend to keep manifesting ever-bigger problems - than we started out with before we succumbed to so much hating and resenting.
What follows on the next page, is a quick summary outline for your preliminary understanding – With all due respect to just what our ‘9’ Secret Protocols of Awareness – Are All About

Here You Have A Positively Great Time To Order Our Two Volume
‘Quantum You’ Complete E-Course Book - Now!

‘9 Special’
  • Whole Being Progressive - 'Real' ‘Life’, ‘Liberty’ ‘& ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ - Self Empowering Protocols Designed To Help You Fully Mobilize Your - ‘Giant Quantum Wisdom Awakened’ - Total Fulfillment Enabled Wizard - ‘Within’

First - 3 Protocols
  • To Help You Learn To Expand Your Own Inner Sense of Truly ‘Life’ Force Awake Aliveness To The Max - By Learning To Feel Every Emotion That Comes Your Way Fully

Level # 1
  • ‘Really Getting-It’ – Initiating Wake-Ful-Ness too pure living Energy - By way of coming to fully internalize that being Here & Now pure aware Present - Is all about attuning your inner being so fully Alive – That you Now begin to always feel the thrilling whirl of pure Quantum Energy ‘Dancing & Hum Singing’ - It’s way all through You

Level # 2
  • ‘Growing Vital Energetic Radiance’ – By learning to shift from feeling & emoting based on contractive fear - To feeling the same emotions within radiant Open-Ness - In such a way that you end up dissolving all Old Un-Necessary contractive – Self sabotaging energy losing Patterns

Level # 3
  • 'Now For‘ - ‘Total House Clearing’ One’s very best intentions of all Self Doubt – By way of discovering how to Trans-Form every old Familiar I-Can’t because I’m Not _______ Enough (Fill in Blank) - Tendency to emotionally contract - Into it’s exact Yes I-Can now empowered opposite

Next - 3 Protocols
  • To Help You Open Your Full On Supra Logical - Big Mind Holographic Awareness Matrix - Into The Sense Of Unlimited ‘Liberty’ Required For You To Be Enabled To Invent - The Absolutely Great Life For Your Self - & Everyone Around You - That You Long For

Level # 4
  • Transcending beyond all Old Limits by ‘Expanding’ From Here ‘To Infinity & Beyond’ – In the greater sense of supporting your own pure Spirit Energy – To penetrate right inside the Quantum Energy Dynamics - Of so called separate from you ‘Things’ in the World Outside Your Self

Level # 5
  • ‘Re-claiming’ Your State of - ‘Innocent One-Der’ - By way of encouraging such a newfound Wow Wonder-Filled pure energy appreciative Awareness - For the absolutely amazingly singular most level of Reality – Which keeps manifesting into form right under your very I – That you will now find your mind space truly open liberated - Well beyond the confines of your old limiting mere Ideas

Level # 6
  • ‘In-Stilling’ One’s Now Soaring Essence Within – Into a Place of ‘Peace-Fully-Inspired Guidance’ - In such a way that one will now feel enabled to constantly activate one’s Inner Visionary Process of Holographic Insight – Toward helping one to generate one’s very best possible In the moment ongoing – Ever emergent truly Visionary positively greatest whole being oriented Solutions

Finally – 3 Last Protocols
  • To Help You Center Your Awareness So Wholly Within The Very Heart Of Your Beyond Ordinary Sense of - Quantum You’ – That You Find Your Whole Self Fully Able To Bloom Into The Positively Great – Total Above All Else ‘Real Pursuit of Happiness’ Enabled - Shining Super Star Person - You Were Most Exquisitely Designed / Evolved To Be

Level # 7
  • ‘Fully Groking’ Full-On Heart-Awakened – ‘Totally Greate-Ful Appreciation’ - By respecting every moment you are Here – In such a way that you now agree to engage the very core of you with all that appears to Manifest out of the Great Quantum Source - Right under your now much more fully appreciative ‘I’ – From within your most heartfelt resonant state of truly Reverent Loving Being

Level # 8
  • 'Mobilizing Your' Most Precious’ Beyond Self Connected - ‘Giant Inner Yes I-Now Know How I-Can’ – Actually Fulfill ‘All of My Dreams’ –– By way of constantly agreeing to trust enlist one’s own inner most whole field attuned - Yet uniquely You – Most One-Der-Ful great life oriented - Continuously positively brilliant Intuitive / Insightful arising - In your flow zone - Wizard Within

Level # 9
  • ‘Manifesting From Our Truly Great Mystery Source Connected’ – ‘& Thus Always in Our Flow Zone’ – ‘Most Effortless Vortex of Empowerment’ - By way of taking full Response-Ability - To Co-Creatively celebrate the sharing of our own special given talents - From within a state that is so truly ‘Huge Unbound Big Picture Attuned Unlimited’ – That our I-Am within now finds itself ‘Super Star’ enabled - To manifest from the larger context of whatever our core awakened totally in Love With Life - Whole Here & Now Being-Ness may now thus best intend.

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Quantum Attunement Video # 1

In this video Dr. Lynn Sereda speaks about truly attuning oneself to one's quantum inner core of awareness. He explains exactly how to fully operate your full potential from within whilst transcending the unwanted both internally and externally.

Moreover Dr. Lynn Sereda does not only believe in what he knows to be true, he actually lives what he knows to be true!

We invite you to watch one of Dr. Lynn Sereda's video. Thank you
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