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Quantum You Volumes #1 & #2 eCourse
Self-Help, Self-Empowering e-Course
By Dr. Lynn Sereda

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Leanring Academy
Our Project - 'Quantum You'
Our Time Has Come For All Hu-Men/Women Kind - To Develop A Truly Equivalent In-Vestigative Science of the Inner - In-As-Much As


It seems the more we learn to investigate into our bodies in such a way as to come into a state of complete open ease with our accompanying innermost feeling & emotional based optimal vital energy potentials. The more we discover we are made of nothing more than One Singular I integrated field of pure vital energy longing to be set free - in such a way as to actually find our Self’s fully enabled to shine forth as pure Light Radiant Energy!

Even beyond this, the more we discover that we are made of no-thing more than pure quantum level and thus everywhere non-locally entangled same Source based Super Light Energy. The more the now so called supra rational logical side of our nature begins to realize that every singular most so called thing we ever experience - appears to be made of this very same Super Light Source Energy. To such a degree we begin to evermore sense the ultimate essential core Peace-Ful-Ness of this pure everywhere Holographically present within all things - actually to Infinity & Beyond Singular most One & Only - pure Same Source Unified Energy Field!

Such that the deeper and deeper we agree to penetrate with our In-Vestigations into this to infinity & beyond always pure Holographically Peace-Ful oriented - Super Light Source Field Energy. The more we begin to discover that this Source Field In It-Self seems to resonate with the very sort of Everywhere Present - Harmonic Love Hum. Which can be sensed within that most Integral pure Awareness core processing Unit we all have within us - our Hearts.

Exactly in the King-Dome of Heaven is to be found within sense – that our planet’s very greatest Wise-Dome of Awareness teachers have all done their very best via various traditions - to point us all toward. With our bottom line Being that coming to this realization within the very Core of Us is in fact so profound, we moment we truly get it IT!

Such a Realization begins to change everything about how we will forever after choose to go about living our lives HERE! In the huge sense that we ourselves seem to have been gifted with all the Made In the Image In-Tell-Igence we might require to Co-Create our very best intentions forward - in complete Loving Harmony within this everywhere present Loving Source Field In-It-Self. Provided we agree to learn how to operate this In-Tell-I-Gence to our Utmost Max!

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Quantum Attunement Video # 1

In this video Dr. Lynn Sereda speaks about truly attuning oneself to one's quantum inner core of awareness. He explains exactly how to fully operate your full potential from within whilst transcending the unwanted both internally and externally.

Moreover Dr. Lynn Sereda does not only believe in what he knows to be true, he actually lives what he knows to be true!

We invite you to watch one of Dr. Lynn Sereda's video. Thank you
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