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Quantum You Volumes #1 & #2 eCourse
Self-Help, Self-Empowering e-Course
By Dr. Lynn Sereda

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Dr. Lynn Sereda PhD

Who is Dr. Lynn Sereda
Posted on 2012-02-29

Dr. Lynn Sereda, founder of, born in 1940 who holds a PhD in Psychology and a M.A. in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley as well as an earlier Masters in Counseling Psychology and Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

His first 2 published books, were ‘Inner Voyage: A comprehensive guide to inner biological awareness and deep relaxation'; & ‘Outward Bound: or Outward to Ecstasy - The spiritual basis of the new self-expressive therapies'. In addition he put together 2 others unpublished ‘Beyond the Addictive Personality', and ‘Heart: A Vision of Unconditional Human Loving'. As well as 20 Self Healing audio tapes which have sold in spiritually oriented bookstores throughout the U.S. and Canada. The most popular of these were ‘Learn the Healing State”, ‘Clear your Health Problems', ‘Supercharge Your Immune System', ‘Real Prosperity Comes from Within', ‘Release Your Breath', ‘Breathercize', ‘Insight Meditation I: The method of systematic scanning', and ‘Insight Meditation II: The method of more spontaneous witnessing'. One of these tapes focused on Our Drug Problem: A Real Answer.

Obviously, after many years of both personal and professional experiences, Dr. Sereda has concluded that we all posses the potential for a much more profound expression of life; that we simply, as a society, have not yet mastered our potentials.

Here’s what Dr. Sereda has to say: Within the context of completing my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology in the late 60's, it became apparent that the most essential ingredient toward transforming our world into a better place for everyone, was going to have to do with transforming our level of consciousness. Trying to impose some notion of social betterment from the outside in alone has no possibility of ever working. The deeper reality is that people must come to a place inside themselves, wherein they volunteer to co-operate effectively. Otherwise through imposition we simply end up putting some other elitist group in charge of our lives.

" We hold these innermost inalienable human truths, the right to ‘Life’, ‘Liberty’ & the pursuit of ‘Happiness’ - to be self-evident. With all due respect to every human being ever born here – on this our home planet - spaceship earth! .... "

Quantum Attunement Video # 1

In this video Dr. Lynn Sereda speaks about truly attuning oneself to one's quantum inner core of awareness. He explains exactly how to fully operate your full potential from within whilst transcending the unwanted both internally and externally.

Moreover Dr. Lynn Sereda does not only believe in what he knows to be true, he actually lives what he knows to be true!

We invite you to watch one of Dr. Lynn Sereda's video. Thank you
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